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 Carrara "CO" from Princess Isabella Collection

guitar by Jens RITTER


The PRINCESS ISABELLA Guitar Concept was conceived during a conversation with Rudy Pensa (the well known guitar collector from New York). He asked how I might design and create a "jazz guitar" using my established style and techniques of instrument making. In my mind, the challenge was to create an instrument that would have similar sustain, attack and basic sound characteristics of a traditional "hollowbody" jazz guitar, but with a solid body. After 4 years of continual design, research and development, the PRINCESS ISABELLA is finished.

Some of the collectors of Jens Ritter guitars:

Metropolitan Museum NY, Smithsonian Museum Washington D.C., Prince, Mary J. Blidge, George Benson, Musicians of Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Grateful Dead, American Idoland many more.